I was raised in an environment that supported and encouraged the creative process.

The Art: 

It is the process and the expression of the idea and that interest me. I choose the medium which is appropriate for the idea and piece I am creating.  

I took several months in 2009-10 to explore the process of batiks. In many of theses batiks I revisited subject matter from previous work finding new ways to express old ideas through varied line and color saturation. 

I then moved on to a new series in oil pastel dealing with unspoken communication and the expressive relationships of single iconic figures by using layers of color, texture and minimal line.  As I worked through this series I kept wanting to express even more with my images. I wanted to tell a more complete story so I decided to explore this idea by using multiple canvases and images to push my art to a more narrative place. 

In September, 2012  I completed “All the In Between. My Story of Agnes,” a work that combines 74 panels telling the cradle to grave story of one life well lived.

After finishing this hugely subjective undertaking, I chose to explore some the techniques of layering and mark making that I discovered during the execution of “All the In Between. My Story of Agnes.”  At first I incorporated the layering and mark making with some recognizable subjects, but as the work progressed the non subjective images began to take precedence. 

I experimented with cutting these large images apart and binding the sheets into books, but I became frustrated with not being able to see all the pages at once. I began to devise ways to group and bind them in non traditional ways so they could be seen as a whole, creating new visual relationships between the images.

The Process: 

I am drawn to the process of creating... drawn to what happens when you allow your every day self to leave the room and let that elusive creative hand step in and work... drawn to that magic of the moment when the every day self steps back in and is proud of the outcome of the process... drawn to the charm of someone else liking your work. It’s the last of these that endangers the truth within the process and must be monitored at all times.

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Education and Professional Experience

1978-82     University of South Carolina: BA in Fine Art 

1994    Center for Creative Imaging, Camden, Maine             

2000, 2003, 2007, 2012 Penland School of Crafts Studied with Pinkney Herbert and Holly Roberts

2013, 2014 Winter Resident Independent Study     Penland School of Crafts

Anderson Ranch 2005 Studied with Holly Roberts, 2015 Studied with Roberto Juarez  

1982-present    Professional Graphic Designer in advertising and marketing

1989-present    Creative Director of Brownell McIntosh Graphic Design, Inc.

2007 - 2012    Board Member - SC Governor’s School for the Arts Foundation; Communications and Marketing Chair

2010 - present      Resident Artist of Vista Studios/Gallery 80808

2015    Columbia Advisory Board Member - SC Governor’s School for the Arts Foundation

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